Affiliate Program

Welcome to your Affiliate Dashboard!

This is your personal financial statement. Here you’ll find everything you need to track your earnings, profits, and losses. You will also find your unique link to share with potential customers to receive credit for your referrals.

Please be sure to include your unique link in all of your social posts, publications, emails, and correspondences to ensure that you are credited for the investments your referrals commit to.

Affiliates earn 20% commission per referral. Referrals = Paid Investments. You are paid per investment paid. As your referrals increase so does your commission rate. After 10 referrals of the same plan you will receive a 10% increase until you reach 50% Commission. This means, you stand to earn a commission raise per 10 investments per plan.


We’ve put together sample messages to help you get started. You can use as is, or make them your own. 

Hi FB Fam,

I’m super excited to share my good news! I’ve partnered with the good folks at Womsga Advertising Solutions, which is one of the fastest growing local small business directories around. They just launched their virtual franchise opportunity, and I think it’s brilliant, and the easiest way to make some real money. They allow their investors to keep 100% of their profits.

You can look into it here, I highly recommend investing in their franchise before you consider jumping on the MLM band wagon. #MyOpinion The minimum investment is just $100. 

Subject: I just invested in a great franchise opportunity!

Hi Friend,

I’m excited to share that I’ve invested in licensing a virtual franchise for Womsga Business Solutions.  It’s one of the fastest growing, and only all-in-one local business directories around, to help them get the word out about local small businesses. The best part about it is, I get to keep 100% of my profits.

You can learn more here:

Any questions? Please reply to this email.

I’m excited to share that I’ve just invested in one of the best franchise opportunities I’ve seen around. The best part about it is I keep 100% of my profits, there’s no franchise fees, or monthly dues, or any obligations to actually operate the business at all. I can literally just sit back, and collect on my profits. This is truly a turnkey business, a dream come true.

If you’re interested in more info, and want to invest, you can do so here