My Womsga Franchise Bumper Sticker Program

Join our Bumper Sticker Program!

Win $100, How It Works

Follow these easy steps to get started

  1. Request your Free MyWomsgaFranchise bumper sticker or car magnet by sending your request to Once received, place it in a visible location on your vehicle.
  2. Womsga Spotters will be out in the community looking for vehicles displaying the Womsga bumper stickers. If our spotters see your vehicle with a sticker or magnet they will post your license plate number on our Claims page. You are eligible to claim your $100, and is automatically entered to win $500!*
  3. Visit the Winners page each Friday to see if you’ve won! Winning license plate numbers are displayed each week.
  4. If your license plate was chosen as a winner, you will be required to verify your affiliation by providing a copy of your driver’s license and proof of ownership (vehicle registration) for the spotted car displaying the MyWomsgaFranchise bumper sticker to receive your gift card, or Cash.
  5. Tell your family and friends to participate, and win $50 if they win. You must accompany referred winner at time of their claim.

GO DIGITAL, and Win $200!

Follow these easy steps to get started

  1. Request a digital copy of our “Social Media Profile Sticker” by contacting us on Facebook at Enter to Win! Go Digital! or sending an email inquiry to:
  2. “Follow/Like” us on Social Media @1800Womsga & @WomsgaFranchise (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)
  3. Share any of our posts to your story, or timeline, and tag us @MyWomsgaFranchise or @1800womsga to be entered to win. The post with the most views, and comments wins the cash. Tell your friends, and followers to tag a business under your post. You will have 24 hours to claim/verify your identity to receive your CASH of $100. Winners are automatically entered into a contest to win $500.
  4. Sign-up with paypal, and provide us the email account, or request to receive your cash via Cashapp.It’s just that easy! If you weren’t chosen this week, don’t worry – you have a chance to win every week as long as your posts stays up on your page.Request your Free Bumper Sticker by sending us an email, or DM us on any of our social media platforms @1800womsga or @MyWomsgaFranchise on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  Good Luck!