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Deciding which business listing website to list your business in can be hard to decide. With so many different websites to choose, finding the right one worth your bucks isn’t easy. You don’t want to list your business on a website that doesn’t do anything valuable for your business. You want to be sure that the website you choose is going to give you a return on your investment, and that return should be in the form of new leads, returning customers, and actual purchases by visitors who search these websites looking for products, and services.

Although many of these directory sites offer similar features, such as allowing consumers to rate, write reviews and make comments about the businesses listed on their sites, you want to look for sites that offer more than the basic directory listing services. Most sites don’t offer a way for businesses to interact with potential customers unless the business claims their listing, meaning sign-up for a membership, or pay-per-service, this is the most common factor for most directory listings companies.

We’ve searched, and compared every known, and most popular directory listings companies out there, and put together a list of the ones we found to be worth investing in, and that’re the most beneficial to businesses. Here is our list of 8 popular local directory sites, along with their features, the benefits of using them, and how to get listed. We’ve listed these sites with 1. being the highest ranked in our online poll for the best sites to list your business.


Womsga is the newest directory to make it’s way to the top of our list. One of the most recent and rapidly growing popular local directories we found that’s exclusively for local small businesses. Over 100 new businesses list their business with Womsga every week. The company gets it’s referrals partly from word-of-mouth, and current members.

Consumers can use Womsga just as they do other directories on the market to find local businesses in their areas, and likewise businesses gain new customers that search the directory looking for products, and services the company displays in their commercials, and social media sponsored advertisements. They can also write reviews and ratings, and upload photos of businesses, as well. The best aspect of this directory compared to the rest on our list is that, it’s an All-In-One directory– It’s features basically mimic the same features of all of the directories on our list, including the ones that didn’t make our list, like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Groupon, Eventbrite, Realtor, and Trulia.

Cost: Free with paid package options

VIP Membership: $300/ 1 Year Click here to Join Now

Current Promotion: VIP Membership $300/ 5 years Redeem this offer

Why businesses should list their business on Womsga

The best thing of listing your business in this directory is that they don’t charge their members for off-line services, business leads,  advertisement banners, and there’s no pay-per-clicks. They promote their members businesses across social media every week, Free! They even act as each members personal assistant. Members can submit support tickets, and request whatever help they need, and this company works with them step-by-step with ensuring their requests are honored. They also send out weekly, and monthly newsletters to members that gives them valuable tips, advice, and resources to better improve their members business connections.

Womsga Business Solutions offer a suite of free services to it’s VIP members that include:

Delete negative reviews upon an appeal of the review
Communicate with customer service after hours
Post up to 100 coupons, property listings, events, and articles for free;
Receive business consulting, referrals, and resources for free;
Track how many people view business profiles;
Add photos, a detailed business description, up-to-date information, history, and areas of specialty;
Recommend other businesses, and allow customers to favorite businesses
Receive free advertising, marketing, promotions, and distributions
Appear in the company commercials, radio ads, and in brochures, and flyers
Feature members testimonials on the homepage
Allow every business to be displayed on the homepage of their website with their rotating members feature
Allow members to earn 40% commissions on new member sign-ups by joining their affiliate program

To take advantage of these benefits, you must be a VIP Member, which you can do by searching for your listing on Womsga. If the listing already exists but has not been claimed, you will see a button on the page that says “Claim This Listing.” Clicking the button starts the process. Womsga also has a verification protocol in place to ensure you are the business owner.

Even if you join as one of their “Free Listing” members, they still do all of the above for your business, but of course what you get will be limited since their VIP Members are their priority. If you’re going to list in this directory, you’ll come out better as a VIP member if you really want the best results.

Womsga not only gives your business an online presence, but it allows your listing to appear in major search engine searches, because it’s website, and member articles feature is SEO & mobile friendly. Find out more about this company here


Yelp is one of the most well-known and popular local directories. Over 84 million people visited Yelp in the third quarter of 2012.

Consumers can use Yelp to find local businesses. They can write reviews and ratings, and upload photos of businesses, as well. Consumers can also follow one another in a manner similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Yelp Business accounts offer a suite of free tools that include the ability to:

Communicate with customers both privately and publicly;
Track how many people view business profiles;
Add photos, a detailed business description, up-to-date information, history, and areas of specialty;
Recommend other businesses.

To take advantage of these benefits, you must first claim your listing, which you can do by searching for your listing on Yelp.

If the listing already exists but has not been claimed, you will see a button on the page that says “Claim This Listing.” Clicking the button starts the process. Yelp has a verification protocol in place to ensure you are the business owner.


Google’s local business directory — also known as Google Places for Business — is now part of Google+ and is referred to as Google+ Local.

You will still see both terms in use. This makes setting up a local listing a bit confusing. Google will likely transition away from use of the term “Places” in favor of the term “Local,” though no timetable is in place for when that will occur.

Google+ Local affords consumers the opportunity to:

Get recommendations on businesses based on their circles, past reviews, and location;
Publish reviews and photos of businesses;
Read Zagat summaries of user reviews for a business;
View the local Google+ page for a business to see reviews, photos, and other information;
Find reviews from other people.

To set up your listing, go to Google+ Local and search for your business. If it exists, look down the right-hand column of the page where you will see a button. When clicked, it takes you to a page to manage the listing.

4.Bing Local

Bing is a web search engine owned by Microsoft. Bing Places for Business is a Bing portal where local business owners can add a listing for their business on the Bing network.

Cost: Free


For businesses with a target market is the US, Bing may be a good alternative—76.1 million visitors a month is a large volume of searches. Businesses may have a better chance of standing out by putting their listing on Bing, since less people are advertising here than Google. This could be especially true if businesses decide to do pay-per-click advertising on Bing (

5. Manta

Manta local business directory —is an online business directory and search engine that provides small businesses with the information to network. The directory helps small businesses connect and grow through their community where users can buy from, partner with and connect to companies.

Cost: Free with paid package options


Manta’s online business directory generates a lot of volume, which is hard to beat, especially when you can create a basic business listing for free. For small businesses looking to network, Manta could be an added bonus. The common theme amongst the better known and ranked online business directories is that listing a company on them can improve local visibility and gives customers another way to find businesses via local search.

6. CitySearch

Citysearch is a local listings website that provides information about businesses throughout cities across the country. The site has categories for dining, entertainment, retail, travel and professional services for several cities throughout the United States.

Cost: Free


If businesses can wait up to two months to be listed on the Citysearch, the site does get over 610,000 unique US visitors a month. Since businesses can get a listing on their online business directory for free and it does get some exposure, it’s up to each company to decide whether the time waiting to get a listing on Citysearch is worth the (free) price tag or not. If businesses decide to go the paid route with a local directory listing, check out if users from the area and other local businesses are listed here. If local customers are active on the directory (rating and commenting on local businesses), businesses should take the time to get listed.

7. Yahoo Local

Yahoo! is a portal website that incorporates a search engine and a directory of websites organized in a hierarchy of categories. Yahoo! Local is the online business directory portion of the website devoted to business listings. For a time, Yahoo and Bing were teamed up as a part of the Yahoo Bing Network, but their agreement has now changed.

Cost: Free with paid package options


There are varying opinions as to how effective the local business directory listings are versus the price you pay for the service. My advice? Take a look at the Yahoo! Local directory websitebefore you purchase—maybe even try searching for a few businesses. If you like what you see, then it may be worth the investment to have a local business listed here.

8. Merchant Circle

MerchantCircle is a service that helps small businesses network with other local businesses and reach local customers through free marketing tools and social media features (MerchantCircle).

Cost: Free


You can create a local business listing on MerchantCircle’s online business directory for free, which also includes free tools to promote a business. Creating a profile takes minutes and will increase visibility in search engine results. MerchantCircle also has reputation management software, an Ad Wizard to publish on their network and push the ads to Google and get local customer referrals. Some of the tools or options mentioned may come at an additional cost (MerchantCircle).

Why you should list your business in as many directories as possible

You don’t just shop at one retail store, or grocery store, nor would you settle for one diagnosis, you’d get a second, and third opinion right?–Because one might not provide you with everything you need in the same place, or at the price you can afford, so you shop around to find the best price, and service– this should apply for your business needs.

You want to list your business in every business listings directory out there, doing this highly increases your businesses chances of being found wherever consumers are searching.  Being found in multiple directories also gives your business credibility, this tells consumers that your business is legit, and has something to offer. The more consumers see your business popping up in search results, or listed in other directories it gives them a sense of satisfaction that your business is a reputable company. It also shows that you stand behind your business, and is willing to put in the time, and effort to ensure your business is found.

It’s likely that you might not be able to afford to “Pay” to list your business in every directory that offers a better range of services as long as you’re paying. Therefore, we recommend that you start by listing your business in the top 3 directories on our list, and list your business free in the rest. You can rotate these directories every year. For example, for the first year you pay the the top three directories to list your business, and if you’re not seeing the results you want then you change the three to the next three on the list, and so on, until you’e given every directory a chance to prove itself.


Four other notable directories that specialize in a particular area of business are:

Angie’s List;
Home Advisors;

You should also check for other online “yellow page” providers in your region.

Be consistent. Keep your address, phone number, and business name the same on each directory, as variations could result in duplicate listings.
Keep a master record. Create a Word document or spreadsheet that lists each of your local directory listings. This provides a record that you can maintain and update as needed.
Be thorough. Make each listing as complete as possible. This helps ensure prospective customers will do business with you, as opposed to a competitor that does not offer such details. Make sure to include:
Business name and logo;
Physical address;
Hours of operation;
Parking availability;
Business Description;
Types of services or products offered;
Photos of the business.

We also found that we weren’t the only review blog that found that Constant Contact provides a SinglePlatform that provides businesses with an administrative dashboard to manage all their directory listings. This costs $49 per month, but it drastically cuts down on time needed to create directory listings and removes the need to go to each individual directory to claim and update listing information.