Womsga Vs. Pyramid Schemes

Knowing the difference between a Womsga Franchise License, and a Pyramid Scheme

Despite the negative misconceptions about our “Franchise Licensing” model, there’s actually a huge difference between Licensing a Womsga Franchise, and those interpreted as Pyramid schemes, and Multilevel marketing. A Womsga Virtual Franchise is not the same. You will find that “A Womsga Virtual Franchise” doesn’t fall in the category of a “Pyramid Scheme, or Multilevel Marketing” by a long shot, it’s actually in a category all of it’s own. Let us explain….

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

Pyramid schemes have existed for at least a century in different guises. Some multi-level marketing plans have been classified as pyramid schemes.

Network marketing is another name for multilevel marketing. You probably see friends on Facebook talking about their latest network marketing home business and how great it is. Home businesses like It Works, Total Life Changes, World Ventures, Organo Gold, and Herbalife all use MLM business models.

This article will take a look at network marketing and show why a Womsga Virtual Franchise ISN’T one. We’ll show the most popular network marketing companies out there and the most common compensation plan structures they use, then we’ll go over real numbers from network marketing annual income disclosures that may surprise you. Can you make money network marketing? Let’s find out!

Can I Make Money From A Womsga Franchise License? Is Womsga Franchise Licensing a MLM, or Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

The business model of a Womsga virtual franchise has been explained in more ways than one all across the internet, on our website, and in our publications. As we’ve stated time, and time again, and have also publicly documented, you CAN make money from our business model. There’s no complicated compensation plan, our model is simple. Investment = 100% Profits. 

The Difference Between a Womsga Franchise Licensing, Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes.

“So is that thing you’re doing one of those pyramid schemes?” This is probably the most asked question everyone hears when they talk about their Womsga virtual franchise investment with anyone. The fact is, it’s an honest question, and most people actually don’t know the real difference.

But let’s make no mistake about it, Womsga Franchise Licensing is definitely not the same as Network marketing, or a pyramid scheme. Womsga Franchise License model is legal, and there’s no risk of your investment. Pyramid schemes are not. Although Network marketing is also legal in a sense, it still poses a threat to your investment. 

In a pyramid scheme, money is exchanged without any service being rendered or product being sold. Pyramid schemes are illegal. A Womsga franchise licensing simply allows you to purchase a license to sell directory listings to local small businesses. Your “License” gives you the legal rights to keep 100% of your earnings, and use the content, and likeness of the business model as your own.

Have you ever heard the story of the man who gathers 10 people together and charges them $100 each so that he can show them his secrets on how to make a quick $1000? The 10 people each give him $100 and wait with anticipation. Now with $1000 in his pocket, he tells them all to go find 10 people just as gullible as they were. He walks away $1000 richer and ten people stand there with empty pockets.

That is a prime example of money changing hands with no service being rendered. What’s a bit rattling is that many online opportunities disguise themselves in such a way that it isn’t so obvious that this is going on. DON’T FALL FOR PYRAMID SCHEMES! Womsga Franchise License opportunity is plain, and simple. It’s one solution to generating a “Legitimate” income without any “recruiting”. 

In an MLM business, you will not only buy the product yourself, but you’ll also gather customers who buy the product as well. Additionally, you’ll be recruiting other representatives who will follow suit doing the exact same thing you’re doing. With a Womsga Franchise License you don’t have to purchase any of our products, or get anyone else to sell our products in order to profit from our product. 

There is usually an initial buy in price and there are recurring monthly dues. These usually come in the form of an auto-ship of more product. The recruiting of other representatives is usually done through home meetings where you show friends and family the same compensation plan you were shown. With a Womsga Franchise License this model doesn’t even apply. You don’t have to conduct any meetings with friends, or family, and there’s no recurring dues. 

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the idea of getting paid on the efforts of others. You’ll earn commissions by recruiting representatives into your team and also from the amount of product you and your team sell. With a Womsga Franchise License you’re paid on your own efforts, and you earn 100% commissions from the memberships you sell solely on your own. You don’t need a team, nor will your earnings be based on a team. What you sell, you keep the profits.

What are the Most Profitable MLM Companies?

Don’t believe the hype! Don’t get caught up in the “marketing” of it all. There are many successful network marketing companies who have been in business for a number of years. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean their distributors are all making money with the business. With a Womsga Franchise License you’re not a “distributor”, you’re a “franchisee”, basically your own boss.

A true measure of what distributors within a network marketing company are making is the annual income disclosure statement provided by the company. We’ll take a look at a couple of examples further down in this article that may shock you.

There are literally THOUSANDS of network marketing companies to be found online. Some have been around for decades, while others are new up and comers.

Some popular network marketing businesses you may have seen on your social media feeds are:

  • Total Life Changes
  • Organo Gold
  • Avon
  • Herbalife
  • World Ventures
  • Stream Energy
  • Ambit
  • Amway
  • It Works
  • Thrive
  • doTerra
  • Kyani
  • Scentsy and many, many more.

The vast majority of all network marking companies follow versions of the same compensation plan. These involve downlines and growing “legs”. We’ll take a look at the most popular network marketing compensation plans. As a Womsga Franchise License investor you don’t have to worry about shady “compensation plans”. Our compensation plan is straight forward, simple, and turnkey profitable.

How do MLM compensation plans work compared to a Womsga Franchise License Compensation plan?

Well, there really isn’t a “compensation plan” with a Womsga franchise license. The plan is very simple. You invest, and you collect 100% of your profits. There’s really not much to talk explain. Now, there are several compensation plans widely used within the network marketing industry. It’s always important to research and understand the compensation plan before beginning a network marketing venture. While each specific opportunity can add it’s own nuances to a compensation plan, the majority use the core elements of the UNILEVEL, BINARY, and MATRIX compensation plans.

  • With the UNILEVEL compensation plan you can personally sponsor as many representatives into your team as you like. The representatives you recruit are then free to do the same. It is the simplest of the 3 main MLM compensation plans. You will get the most compensation for the members you personally sponsor. You then get decreasing percentages of your team’s commissions as they get further away from you. In this basic compensation plan there are no ranks and everyone is an equal distributor. No one can surpass someone who’s above them. There are hybrids of this compensation plan like the Breakaway compensation plan. The Breakaway plan allows for a member of your downline to be able to “break away” when he or she meet certain requirements.
  • With the Matrix compensation plan you have a set number of spots open in your team. It is your job to fill them. For example, in a 3×5 Matrix compensation plan, each distributor can sponsor 3 people into the team. They will get compensated up to 5 levels deep. When it comes time to sponsor that 4th new distributor, instead of being able to place him directly to yourself, you have to find an open spot in another level below. This is called “spillover”. This “spillover” feature is one of the selling points of the Matrix compensation plan. If you find yourself directly under someone who is exploding the business, you may be the recipient of distributors being placed in your team.
  • The Binary compensation plan or Dual Team compensation plan allows you to build two teams, or legs. One on the left, and one on the right. It is unique in that it only allows you to personally sponsor 2 people into your team. This allows for a good amount of spillover, thereby helping your downline. World Ventures is an example of an MLM using a binary plan

The Binary compensation plan has one major downside. You only get paid for the lesser of the two teams. We haven’t quite figured out how so many people actually accepted this.

To fully max out this compensation plan you’d need your team to grow out symetrically which is very rare. In other words, if your team on your left leg has absolutely exploded, with 100+ members and growing, while your team on your right leg has only 3 distributors in total, you get only paid on those 3 distributors on the right and not on the exploding 100+ on the left


The Reality Check: Network Marketing Income Statistics

The real way to answer “Can you make money from investing in a Womsga Franchise License?” is by looking at our numbers, and comparing them to annual network marketing income statistics. This is an objective way to determine how the majority of people fare with a business opportunity.

Income disclosure statements are public record, and should be easy to look up and easy to understand. It will show the revenue breakdown for distributors of a company.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of network marketing income statistics show that most distributors do not make their money back with network marketing MLMs. A staggering amount make no money at all.

Fortunately, with investing in a Womsga Franchise License, you don’t have to worry about “not making any money” unless you’re not out trying to sell memberships to local small businesses. Basically, the only way you will fail as an investor of a Wosmga virtual franchise is if you don’t get out, talk to anyone, or don’t attempt to do any selling at all.

To read more about MLM’s, and to get a detailed explanation as to how you really “don’t make any money” from network marketing, you can simple “Google” the terms, and you will find thousands of articles that explain in detail how these companies are structured.