How It Works

We do business how business should be done!

How does Womsga Business Licensing work

It’s as simple as this! Choose a license plan that most interest you. We recommend starting with a plan based on your level of interest. For Example: If you’re new to licensing, and not sure if it’s something you will stick with, and pursue long-term you should start with our Economy license. This is our shortest license plan, it expires in 6 months. If you find that this business isn’t for you this plan gives you peace of mind knowing the duration isn’t long-term.

Our license allows you to legally collect on the profits of the company for the duration of your license term allows. How you make money is simply by  sharing your license affiliate link that is automatically generated in your licensee affiliate dashboard upon sign-up. You can simply share your link across social media, add it to your social Bio’s, share it with friends, family, and local small business owners via email, text, or on any social platform, and just sit back, and watch your profits roll in, That’s literally it!

Of course, if you want to make some real money, you’ll take this business more serious, and put in a little extra work to ensure you’re generating the income you want to make.

  • Reliable and secure platform– Our company directory is hosted on one of the most secured directory listings platforms in the industry. The best business directory for B2B and B2C targeting the local small business industry. Our platform allow website visitors to find, contact and get matched as leads with local businesses. A proven business directory  local cities or regions. Members are allowed to publish local listings, hot spots, deals, events, news, general information and more with our optimized directory perfect for all small businesses.


  • Everything is already perfectly organized for you– Since our company has been around since 2010, we’ve already structured, and organized our operations for a successful business model. There’s nothing required of you to do. No overhead expenses, No investing in any type of promotions, sales, or marketing teams. We’ve already organized these departments for you.


  • Attract already existing customers – Our directory comes with already existing members, and ongoing traffic to our website on a daily basis. This makes it easier for your business to attract potential customers. Simply reach out to our existing members, feel free to target our visitors, and tell them about your business, and gain their business. 


  • Advertising, and marketing included – As a part of our business model, and infrastructure you don’t have to worry about investing in advertising, or marketing costs. Paying for additional advertising, and going through outside marketing channels to further promote, and advertise your business is optional. We do most of your advertising, and promotions for you at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!  How can we afford to do this? Well, as a company we’re required to advertise, and market our services to continue attracting more customers, and visitors to our website. We simply utilize our members, and their businesses to advertise our company, at the same time providing them free advertising. We don’t hire actors, or spokespersons to represent our brand, we rely on our members to do that for us.


  • Assigned a staff to run your business – We provide each franchise with a team of professionals that will help manage, and run your business for you. Although we recommend you speak for your own business, and get out there, and promote yourself, it’s not required. We suggest to our franchisees to assist in advertising, and promoting their own company to increase their chances for a successful return on their investment.


  • No interest imposed, or penalties – Our company was founded, and operates on integrity, and fairness. We know first hand how corporate America makes it hard for the little people to get ahead. We’re very aware as to how these same systems shamelessly take advantage of people who want an opportunity to invest in something promising, and rewarding. We wanted to create an opportunity that allowed people to invest without fearing they’re being taken advantage of, or railroaded by interests rates, so we eliminated them from our infrastructure altogether. It’s not fair that any company profits from an investor who’s lost their investment, and didn’t see a return. That’s not how we operate. If our investors don’t at least “break even”, and recoup What they invested in our opportunity,  we proudly refund the investment, simple.  (minus 10% for our administrative expenses). We believe that THIS is how all investment opportunities should be structured. People shouldn’t have to worry about investing money into any company if the company can’t guarantee a return on the investment. No investment should come at a risk. We believe that “Legitimate” investments such as our own, are the investments that are developed, designed, and truly has “the people’s” best interest at heart, and not “the company”.


  • No risks, or obligations to you – It’s a fact that investing in our franchise opportunity is a NO RISK opportunity, because if you don’t make any money, we will refund your investment. Additionally, there’s NO OBLIGATIONS of you, because we do most of the work for you. You just sit back, and collect on your return.