My Womsga Business Licensing

Womsga Licensing Agreement: Rights of the licensee.

According to the FTC, Licensors have an obligation to provide the Licensee with the Licensing Agreement. The licensing agreement needs to be signed between the Licensor, and Licensee before any initial money is exchanged. The Licensee has a right to a copy of the License Agreement after the Licensor has received the Licensee initial Licensing investment fee.

Womsga’s Licensing Agreement

“The franchisee will license the use to sell directory listings memberships to local small businesses using Womsga’s business model system.The total investment necessary to begin operation of a virtual Womsga franchise license ranges from $100 to $10,000.

Below is the Womsga Licensing Agreement.

The Licensing agreement is a legal contract between the licensor (“Womsga”), and the licensee (“Investor”)  The licensor (“Womsga”) grants the licensee (“Investor”) the right to sell it’s memberships, use of the womsga brand name or trademark, or any use patented technology owned by the licensor. In exchange, the licensee agrees to submit to a series of conditions regarding the use of the licensor’s property and agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, and make the initial investment payment to finalize this agreement.


IMPORTANT: Please download the licensing agreement, read over it carefully, and sign it, and email or scan it back to us to: please put your “Legal Name” on your D.L./ID card in the “subject” field, and add “license agreement” next to it. (This is required for verification purposes) You will not be permitted to sell any products until this agreement has been signed even if you’ve paid your investment fee.

You will receive an email confirmation when your agreement has been verified, and processed. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please give us a call at 1-877-392-8222 Ex. 12878