Long-Term Residual Partnership

This investment opportunity allows investors of 2, or more to share in the cost of this franchise package. This plan allows investors to collect on reoccurring billing for 15 years. No additional investment required. Your investment in this agreement will be licensed to all whom share the cost of this investment. Investors may choose to split this cost in multiple ways. There’s no limit as to how many investors can share in this franchise package.

The franchise agreement will list the names of all investors that contributed in the cost of this franchise package. The parties must designate one investor to complete the franchise agreement, and that designee is responsible for providing all the names of the “partners” who contributed to the total amount of the investment to start this contract.

All investors, herein known as “partners” will collect 100% profits as will be stated in the franchise agreement. Profits can be split between each investor partner, or partners may choose to allow each investor to collect 100% of their profits at their own separate discretion. Meaning, an investor partner chooses to build his/her own sales teams to sell products separately from his/her partners in order to collect 100% of their own profits.