My Womsga Profit Projections

Take a look at the graphs below. We’ve illustrated exactly what you stand to earn. Please be advised that you must follow our “Investment Guide” as we’ve instructed you on how to successfully profit these projections.

Believe it, or not, but we are the only company offering this type of opportunity. You may find it hard to believe that we’ve provided such an offer, but our opportunity is public knowledge. Don’t take our word for it, DO THE MATH! We encourage our investors to research our industry’s market, find out what other companies are offering, and see if they add up, or are similar.

Numbers Don’t Lie, What You See Is What You Get!

All you have to do is go to our service page at, choose a membership plan, add up the price based on the figures in our graph, and determine if we’re pulling your chain. You will find that we are telling you the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! You can earn A LOT OF MONEY from our company if you simply follow our lead.

NET Profit Tiers (Per Membership Sale)
Womsga Net profit Projections (based on 300 VIP Membership signups over 12 months per year)

2020 Profits = $1,080,000
2021 Profits = $2,160,000
2022 Profits = $4, 320,000
2023 Profits = $8,640,000
2024 Profits = $17,280,000
2025 Profits = $34,560,000

Affiliates Earnings Potential Totals 

These are the realistic earnings projections for affiliates based on the sale of our VIP memberships. @40% Commission rate. These numbers are projected between 30 days to 12 months..

100 VIP Memberships = $30,000 = $12,000 Profit
200 VIP Memberships = $60,000 = $24,000 Profit
300 VIP Memberships = $90,000 = $36,000 Profit

Franchise Investment Earning Totals

The averages below are realistic earning potentials for investors based on the sale of our VIP memberships. These numbers apply for each membership level provided.

$100  Investment    Sell 10 Memberships      = $3,000  Profit
$500  Investment    Sell  20 Memberships     = $6,000  Profit
$1000 Investment   Sell  30 Memberships    = $9,000   Profit
$5,000  Investment Sell  40 Memberships    = $12,000 Profit
$10,000 Investment Sell 100 Memberships = $30,000  Profit

Note: Profits are based on VIP Membership sales, and are average annual profit margins. These numbers are typical, but can be higher, or lower based on each individual affiliate, and investor.