Rewards Program

Is Womsga Rewards Program Legit?

If you’ve heard of an incentive program that claim to giveaway three brand new cars and half of it’s revenue, you may be skeptical, and with good reason. After all, it does sound, “Too good to be true”.  Womsga really does reward it’s top sales people with brand new cars, all expenses paid, tax free, and even give them half of the revenue they generate. The program is real, but “There’s a catch”, you have to be a Womsga “Licensee” to participate. No worries, though, because we offer a FULL REFUND after 90 days, if you haven’t landed any sales.

YOU WILL SUCCEED! We’re confident that you will make money from our company within the first 3 months. Some people have generated sales within the same day of them purchasing their business license, and they even started with the lowest business license plan. Most of our licensees break even, or go on to generate thousands in sales on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

According to our press release that was available in December 2022, interested parties should obtain a “Womsga Business License“, and sign a “License Disclosure Agreement“. Don’t worry, you can get licensed through the company, the link is provided at the bottom of this page. The license is valid for one year, and allows participants to continue making money, earn residual income from their sales, and even allows participants to keep 100% of the profits generated after the rewards program ends.

Best Rewards Program, Ever!

Womsga Independent Sales associates and affiliates who reach the Womsga ultimate goal status can earn the ownership of a 2020-2023 Dodge Challenger, 2020-2023 Chevrolet Camero LT1, or a 2020-2023 Jeep Wrangler (or cash in lieu of).  The rewards program was started by Doris Flewellen, Founder/CEO to reward the best of the best.  Earning the ownership of any of the cars offered takes work and dedication.  An estimated 20% of Womsga’s Independent associates and affiliates can reach the status of achieving the ultimate goal.

The Womsga Rewards Program also includes the opportunity to earn 50% of the revenue generated. This is in addition to earning the ownership of one of the cars included in the ultimate rewards program. Approximately 40% of Womsga Independent associates and affiliates meet the criteria to earn the keys of one of the rewards cars, on top of earning 50% of the revenue they generate.

Since Womsga’s Rewards Program’s inception in 2022, more than 10,000 independent sales associates and affiliates have inquired or signed up to earn the keys, and revenue of Womsga’s Ultimate Rewards Program. The program was first announced on Tik Tok, where it gained instant notoriety, reviews and interest. It sparked a social media frenzy. There are currently 2,000 entries left before the program ends on December 31, 2023.

Why Womsga Rewards Program Is Better

The best marketing tool ever created was the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac. Everyone in the U.S. knows that a pearly pink Cadillac is a “sales incentive” for Mary Kay Ladies. What they don’t know is the harsh reality of this “incentive”. Qualifying for a pink Cadillac involves purchasing $102,000 worth of Mary Kay goods per calendar year, and maintaining that qualification requires the team to continually purchase at least $50,000 per quarter of May kay products.Read More about “The Truth about the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac


“If companies truly had their employees and sales people’s best interest at heart, they’d have no problem putting the needs of their employees and sales people before the desires of their wants. I never believed in having more than the people that work as hard as I did. Everybody deserves an equal piece of the pie. I despise “greed”, and I refuse to allow it to be a driving force behind my company. Greed has never turned out good any anyone’s favor, and I wasn’t about to allow it to destroy everything I worked years on building. As long as people worked as hard to ensure my company continues to be successful I don’t mine giving them their fair share.” – Doris Flewellen, Founder/CEO

How does Womsga Rewards Program Work?

The program was designed to be simple, and make your rewards goal obtainable. The last thing the founder wanted to do was make it impossible for people to receive their incentives. This is why the program only requires just 300 sells to be obtained within a 30 day period.
What am I selling? 
Womsga is an online business directory similar to Yelp, Angie list, home advisors, Groupon, and Eventbrite. Womsga’s target audience is local small businesses within the U.S., and Canada. As sales associates, and affiliates it’s your goal to get local businesses within your area to list their business in the womsga business directory   See Directory membership pricing page here   Find out more about Womsga here

If you get the below “Warning” when clicking on any Womsga related sites, you may continue to site. The sites are secure. HTTPS is currently being added to the sites domain directories to ensure connection across this network.

Womsga Directory Top Membership Levels

VIP Membership Incentive
$499 (300 Sold) = $150,000 -50%= $75,000 Reward
Premium Membership Incentive
$299 (300 Sold) =$90,000 -50% = $45,000 Reward
Standard Membership Incentive
$99.99 (300 Sold) = $30,000-50% =$15,000 Reward

What if I don’t reach my goal in 30 days?

No worries! The best part about the rewards program is that the founder extended the 30 day period to 90 days. This means, you’re given two additional months to be rewarded, that’s 60 extra days, even if you don’t reach your goal within the first 30 days, you still have time two months.

Will I still be rewarded 50% of the cash if I don’t reach my goal in 30 days?

Unfortunately not (No). You won’t receive 50% of the cash generated, BUT…you will receive 10% of it. So, even if you miss the 30 day mark you still will receive (at least) 10% of the revenue generated. You’d receive 50% of the revenue generated if you reached your goal within the 30 day period.

How do I participate in the program?

The program is only offered to “Licensees”. You must “Get Licensed” to participate. Your license is good for 1 year, and you can also use it to continue earning 100% of the profits from the sells you generate even after the program ends.

What happens after I get my license?

1. You will be automatically directed to sign-up for an affiliate account.
2. You will directed from your affiliate account to sign the “License Disclosure Agreement”
3. You will receive a “Welcome Email” that will provide you with a link to a welcome page (This page has everything you need to help you reach your sales goals. It even gives you tips, and a guide that tells you exactly how many memberships you need to sell to reach your goal in 30 days.)