Salespeople Make A Lot Of Money With Our Company

Why work in sales for someone else on commission when you can work in sales for yourself, and keep 100% of the profits!

This is the #1 sales position in the world that turns “salespeople” into “business owners”. Our sales people generated over $148,887 in online sales in 2021 even during the pandemic.

This is the best kept secret! Salespeople are “making a lot of money” with our company. Salespeople can “Really” earn six figures in sales in one year with our company.

4 Ways To Make $100,000 in 1 Year at Womsga.

Real Profits. Real Results. NO MLM, NO Scams!

We show you exactly how to reach your financial goals in just 1 year.

We provide two road maps to guide you to reach your financial goals. Follow our lead, or set your own goals. Just be consistent.
This position doesn’t even require you to be a top tier level salesperson. “Sales” is the key to the world’s most largest multibillion dollar corporations. The “Salespeople” earn a fraction of those profits. As a salesperson of our company you earn 100% of the profits you bring in. “No other company compares”

Our company has lowered the sales industry bar by allowing even the most unexperienced salesperson to earn top tier pay. We offer our salespeople 60% commissions per sale and a base pay salary of $2000 a month after 90 days contingent on  meeting sales quotas.

On average Womsga’s Salespeople earn 500 a week, with it’s top tier sales associates earning up to $4,000 a week. Our Bonuses are estimated at over $5,000 a month. These numbers are typical since Womsga’s service prices are fixed at the lowest prices Guaranteed. Our service prices makes it that much easier for salespeople to earn top pay. 

In addition, our company launched it’s “333” Campaign, in which sales people can earn $40,000 in 90 days. The key is to sale 333 VIP memberships 3 months consecutively.

“The fact that the VIP membership is just $300 per year, and for what each business is getting, makes it that much easier to close  deals. I’m closing 2-3 deals each hour. It’s absolutely unbelievable” – David W., Miami. 

Don’t Have Any Money To Invest In Our Franchise License? No Worries!
Join Our Sales Team, and Use Your First Paycheck To Purchase Your Franchise License, and Upgrade Your Pay From 60%vcommissions to 100% Profits.

On average Womsga’s Salespeople earn 500 a week, with it’s top tier sales associates earning a salary of up to $4,500 a week. — Bonuses are estimated at over $5,000 a month. These numbers are typical since Womsga’s service prices are fixed at the lowest prices Guaranteed. Our service prices make it that much easier for salespeople to earn top pay. 

Recently, we launched our “333” Campaign, in which sales people can earn aup to $40,000 in 90 days. The key is to sell 333 VIP memberships in 3 months consecutively.

Disclaimer: To Earn a Salary of $2000 a week for a year, salespeople are required to reach a specified goal within 90 days. A sales associate would have to reach the goal of signing up (375) VIP memberships @$300/Yr every month for three months consecutively (back-to-back, or 3 months in a row). Once this goal is reached the sales person starts to receive a base salary of $2,000 every week for 12 Months after the 3 month trial has ended. There’s no grace period before salespeople start to receive their base pay salaries.

We Accept New Sales Associates Daily-No Application Process

We no longer require salespeople to attend a sales training workshop, but All Sales associates are required to attend the quarterly, and yearly conferences. Don’t worry, the conferences are FREE, and not mandatory. Associates won’t have a problem with finding a way to get to these conferences since they have a chance to take home up to $10,000 Tax free money. That’s right, it’s not just work at our conferences, it’s Fair Gain!

“You Don’t Have To Be A Top Salesperson To Make A Lot Of Money Here”

If you are someone that’s good with words, and people trust your judgement, or depend on you to provide them with valuable information you WILL make a lot of money here at womsga. Your financial success depends on your Influence, and how well you relate our services to local business owners.

Our business model is designed with simplicity to allow anyone the opportunity to earn as much money as they would like. No sales experience is required, but if you are skilled in the area of “Sales and Customer Relations” we’re more than certain that your earning potential will be BIG!.

If You’ve Ever Invested in an MLM Company, or settled for earning less than 10% Commissions that tells us you are Desperately eager to do Something to Make Some Money.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in those types of business models, but if you really want to make money from the hard work you put into selling products, and services for companies that promise big payouts, but you’ve never really made as much as the top players of the company then you need to listen to what we have to say.

We take pride in making sure that all of our investors are awarded top pay, and paid fairly for the hard work they put into presenting our services to local small businesses.

TRUST OUR BUSINESS MODEL! Our Business Model Is 10 Times More Profitable Than Any MLM Company Online. It doesn’t matter how popular the company is, there’s no other company out there allowing you to keep 100% of your profits. Our business model is unique, and Turn-Key Profitable.

Don’t waste your money investing pyramid Scheme type business models, MLM companies, or the lottery. Your chances of making the type of money you want to make is slim to none. Many of the MLM companies you here about are a complete SCAM!!! 

Although from hindsight our business model may also appear to be an “MLM, or Pyramid Scheme”, don’t let your assumptions cause you to miss out on a very profitable business opportunity. Let us prove ourselves…Read The Facts Here

In A Nutshell!

Our company’s business model mimics the traditional “Franchise” model, but without the huge start-up investment, monthly franchise fees, or obligations to manage, or operate the business.

We’ve taken franchising to a whole different level– We simply allow anyone to invest in a “Virtual Franchise License” that gives investors the legal right to re-sell our business listings to local small businesses, and use our business branding to make a profit.

Keep 100% Of Your Profits– Believe it, or not our business model allows you to keep every dime you make off of our company.

We even put it in writing. Example: If you invest just $100 in our “Economy Franchise” investment plan, we give you six months to sell any of our directory membership listings to local small businesses, and whatever you earn, you keep. 

You can make a lot of money everyday, every week, or every month. We even provide you with two financial road maps to show you exactly how you can earn $100,000-$1,000,000,000 in just one year from selling our directory membership listings to small business owners.

This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime, and a Dream Come  True for anyone serious about setting their own Financial Goals

All you have to do is explain to local small businesses the advantages, and benefits of why they can’t afford not to list their business in our business directory.  Once the business owner purchases his/her membership, YOU take home 100% of the profits, and we do the rest for you, Guaranteed!

Do The Math!

This is the business model you’ve been waiting for. There’s no way an experienced salesperson isn’t going to at least recoup their initial investment. Even if you only sell just (1) “VIP Membership” in six months from investing in our lowest $100 investment plan you will have made back your investment, and profited $200.

Multiple streams of Income

Did we mention that you can also secure multiple streams of income with our company? Remember, there’s 4 ways you can actually make money from our company.
  1. Sales Associate = 60% Commissions
  2. Affiliate……………= 20% Commissions
  3. Influencer………. = 50% Profits
  4. Franchisee…….. = 100% Profits

Find out about each stream…Click Here For More Info….